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Who presses the records for Vinyl Me, Please?

Each month at Vinyl Me, Please we feature one essential album that is worthy of your time & attention. To get this record delivered to your door we work with the artist & record label on a special-edition pressing with exclusive features available only to Vinyl Me, Please.

While we can work with the record label on the specific features such as the weight and color of the vinyl, we usually do not get to specify where the records are pressed. A list of some of the plants we've worked with is below.

For older releases, the source audio typically comes from the most recent mastered version. For newer releases (and some older releases), source audio comes from the original masters. 

We always make sure to obtain a copy of the test pressing prior to it going into production. We listen to each test pressing intently with our ears focused on sound quality. Any defects we hear are reported back to the label and pressing plant and a new test press is made. Once we approve the test press, production begins.

The full process of submitting an order to final delivery takes between 3 and 5 months. 

The records are shipped to us directly from the label or plant shrink wrapped and ready to ship out to you. Prior to shipping the records, we take a small sample, open them up, inspect and listen to them. We keep a keen on eye for any records that are visibly damaged and remove them from inventory. 

Here is a list of plessing plants we have worked with in the past:

  • Rainbo Records (U.S.)
  • Quality Record Pressing (U.S.)
  • United Record Pressing (U.S.)
  • Pirate's Press (U.S.)
  • Memphis Record Pressing (U.S.)
  • Erika records (U.S.)
  • Pallas (Europe)
  • GZ Pressing (Europe)

We are proud to work with great labels and record pressing facilities around the world and we all care deeply about producing great vinyl for vinyl lovers.

If for some reason your record does arrive damaged, please read our knowledge base article HERE.