What if I get a record I don’t like or already have? | Vinyl Me, Please

What if I get a record I don’t like or already have?

Each record we feature is pressed exclusively for Vinyl Me, Please members and includes special-edition features you can’t get anywhere else. Because of that, even if you already have a copy of the record we're featuring, you likely don't have the VMP variation of it. 

Special-edition features include things like never-before-on-vinyl bonus tracks, exclusive color variants, custom inserts, hand-written letters from the artists and plenty of other cool features.

We've built this company as a way to help people discover new music and build their vinyl collections. If you think you're not interested in a particular record, we encourage you to give it a chance. We strongly believe that the best records are the ones that grow on you over time, after multiple spins. We don't take the task of picking these records lightly and feel that each LP we feature is worth both your time and attention and also deserves being on your shelf. 

Alternatively, if you don't like a record of the month when it is announced, you can elect to swap (Only if you are a Multi-Month member), and you will be able to select some of our archives records, or select store titles. The Swap Link will be on your member portal page, and all swaps must be in before the 2nd of the month! :)

You can visit our Record Archive to see all of previously featured records.