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How to refer friends to Vinyl Me, Please

Back when we launched VMP in January of 2013, we had just 12 members. We didn't have any investment, nor did we have any money to put into marketing so we relied solely on our current members telling their friends to grow the business. Our focus since day 1 has been to build a product and service so great you can't help but tell your friends.

If you're loving Vinyl Me, Please, we'd be honoured if you'd be willing to share it with your friends, family, or whomever. It's super easy, here's how you get started.

1. Share it:

Click here and you'll see a widget you can use to send VMP to your friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter. You can customise the language on each type of post. Just click the button at the bottom when you’re ready to send / share it.

Once you click ‘share’, it will automatically send an email or post to your Facebook or Twitter feeds with a direct link that your friends can use to sign up.

If/when your friends click your link and sign up, you’ll get an email notification saying you’ve earned some Bonus Referral credits! Those will be added to your account, to be used towards your next Subscription charge, or Store purchase!

To keep it fair, we’ve set up a few rules and regulations for getting the reward:

  • 1 new friend signed up = $10 in Credits for you & them (up to 50 total)
  • You MUST use this widget to share VMP with your friends. If you do not use the widget we CANNOT validate the referral & you WILL NOT receive your bonus record.
  • There are 3 ways to share:
    • Email -- Type in their email address, customise the message however you see fit and hit “send”. The email will be sent to them and will include a link to sign up.
    • Facebook -- Type in a message and click “Share.” The post will be sent to them and will include a link to sign up.
    • Twitter -- Type in a message and click “Tweet.” The tweet will be sent to them and will include a link to sign up. When they sign up, you will BOTH automatically be entered into our referral system (the referrer will get an email saying they’ve earned their free record).

My friend signed up but I didn’t get a confirmation email saying I have earned referral credits. What should I do?

Send us an email with the email address of the friend who signed up and we will add it to both of your accounts.

I got a confirmation email that a friend signed up but don't see the credits in my account?

You will be able to see your account credit on the "My Account" page when you log in.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.