I don't like this month's record, can I skip a month?  | Vinyl Me, Please

I don't like this month's record, can I skip a month?

Vinyl Me, Please is committed to being the best damn record club in the world, and to being the favorite thing in your mailbox each month. This is no easy task, we start by picking an “essential” record and then work with the record label, the recording artist, a visual artist, and record pressing facilities to deliver a beautiful, high fidelity, special-edition record to your door. These are not the latest single that you listen to on your phone for a week then forget about, these albums are meant to be collected and revisited for years to come. 

Each month when we announce our record of the month, we know there will be members who object immediately and say that the artist, or record, or genre, is just not for them. We understand that everyone’s taste is different but we challenge all our members to get the record and give it a fair listen.

We hope in giving it a listen you will hear reasons why we selected it and that it will stretch your musical boundaries, expand the diversity of your vinyl collection, and hopefully become an album you love.

If you know you really don't want the record, or already have it - you can SWAP the record for something in our archive! This option is only available to members on Multi-month plans, 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions. To read about how to swap click HERE.

Should I ship this record back?

Unfortunately with the cost and risk of shipping we cannot have you send the records back so if you still don’t like it please give it to a vinyl loving friend that may connect with it in a way you did not!