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Credits (Application & Checkout)

STORE CREDITS - Application and Checkout

By getting your friends to sign up (or signing up through your friends), you are eligible to earn account credits. These little jewels are real dollars that you can apply to future VMP purchases. Once earned, they will automatically be added to your account and then applied to your next charge (can be a store purchase and/or a membership renewal). 

To see your credits, log in to the member platform and click on "My Account." Your balance will be visible at the top right-hand corner of the page:

These credits will automatically go towards your next VMP charge, whether that is a store purchase, or a renewal/reactivation fee!

Using Credits on Store Purchases

If you have credits in your account, they will automatically go toward any store purchase that you make! After adding your choices to your cart, proceed through the checkout process, and you will see the credits be applied prior to final checkout:

If you don't have enough credits for the whole order, the difference will automatically be charged to the payment method on file. 

Click "Place Order" and once you see Tina Fey, you know your order has been placed. 

The confirmation page will include a breakdown of credits used and amount charged to your card (if any) and your new credit balance will also be updated when you return to your account page:

Using Credits on Renewal/Reactivations:

Any remaining credits you have will automatically be applied to your next charge. If its when your membership is renewed, you'll only be charged the difference.